Cheryl Gibson is the President of Von-Jac Developments, Inc and has been an active participant in the construction industry for most of her life.  Formally entering the industry as a full time employee in 1975 with her fathers company, Cheryl ultimately led several companies through good and bad economies, continually producing success after success.


Although her employment career originally began as a social worker, Cheryl grew up working on projects alongside her father and his business partners.  Her experience in social work provided her a unique and valuable perspective on the real needs, wants and desires of people across all lifestyles.  While building a house is a productive and rewarding experience, learning at a young age how difficult it is for many people to simply survive gave her a new level of appreciation, and a real heartfelt understanding of how rewarding it can be to build a home.


Cheryl has been a home designer, picking out paint and carpet for the home owners, and parlayed that effort into the creation of one of the industries first Model Home Design Centers in Northern California.  This new “style” of showcasing homes ultimately included the design consultation on over 350 individual homes, and selling out 4 major Sacramento communities.


Design consultations inevitably evolved into full control of the projects themselves, and for Cheryl, knowing it on paper was not enough.  Cheryl learned on site, in the trenches, and on the rafters.  Cheryl maintained a hands on approach to scheduling, ordering, invoicing, and collecting.  One of the partners, C.A. “Triff” Trifeletti, took Cheryl in under his wing for 10 years to make sure she was exposed to all aspects of the trade.  They both knew, as a female in a male dominated industry, she had to know it and do it first hand, so no one could ever dismiss her as less than “the” final voice to be listened to on any project she was on.


Various economic challenges over the years never sat Cheryl down, it only provided a new opportunity.  When the early ‘90s showed a downturn in housing, she had anticipated the crash and had a new remodeling division up and running.  This placed her in a prime position as G.E. Management Corp found itself with a large inventory of foreclosed properties and Cheryl was there, ready made, to pick up the contracts and remodel the properties and return them to the market.


Throughout the years, Cheryl has been straightforward in her approach to business, incredibly focused on the details her customers present (both clearly and vaguely hinted at), adamant about being on time, on budget, and clearly set on identifying and meeting the expectations of her clients.  Her work with an ever expanding list of volunteer groups, trade associations and community events is never met with anything but awe at how much of her self she throws into each and every effort she undertakes.


When you meet Cheryl for the first time, you know her.  There is no front.  There is no stealth.  You see her for what she is, who she is, and who she strives to be.  She is free with praise and enthusiasm, generous to a fault with her time serving others, and unwilling to accept her accomplishments with anything short of humbling embarrassment over the attention she may be getting, no matter how well deserved and earned.