Von-Jac History


The corporation was organized by C.A. Trifeletti (1916-1992) and Gordon W. Hanson (1925-2004) on November 13, 1974.


The principals and Mr. John B. O’Malley were former owners and officers of Challenge Developments, Inc, Redwood City. This firm was founded in 1947 by Mr. Andres F. Oddstad, and with his untimely death in an automobile accident in early 1964, the two principals and Mr. O’Malley, all of whom were former executive officers of the firm, acquired the company from the estate of Mr. Oddstad. Challenge continued its active building program and the principals were actively involved until their interests were purchased by a subsidiary of the Aluminum Company of America in December 1974.


C.A. Trifeletti and Gordon W. Hanson, through their affiliation with Challenge and its related companies and through its own efforts for more than forty years, participated in building and developing the following:


140 completed subdivisions, containing more than 22,000 lots; more than 20,000 completed single-family residences; 145 apartment buildings, containing more than 5,000 units; 3 shopping centers; industrial buildings ranging in size from 5,000 square feet to 105,000 square feet; miscellaneous contract jobs consisting of churches and parsonages, schools, club buildings, convalescent home, bank building and various other projects. Other projects include rehabilitation of various residences and facilities for Kainos, a developmental disability facility and numerous remodeling projects.


Mr. Trifeletti and Mr. Hanson were inducted into the CBIF Hall of Fame, June 1991, an honor bestowed upon them by their peers for the time and energy spent in the Building Industry. Mr. Hanson was also appointed to the State Building Standards Commission by Governor Wilson in September 1991.


Cheryl is a licensed General and Engineering Contractor and is responsible for the overall building and contractual operations. She works with the clients on their selections for their homes and manages the daily operations of the business.


Von-Jac’s crew manages and oversees all home building projects. They work with all phases of construction and the subcontractors from the beginning through completion to ensure successful projects. They work hands-on in all phases of construction and know the business from estimating to scheduling to delivering the final product.


Ms. Gibson ran the day-to-day administrative jobs in the office. She prepared reports, financial statements, accounting (payables and receivables), schedules, subcontracts and contracts as needed for the company operation. She was instrumental in keeping track of all job progress reports.